Ateliers, marches et recettes pour remettre la nature au coeur de votre vie

Aroma’Tips in English

Founded in 2017 in Brussels by Aurelie Valtat, an amateur botanist trained in aromatherapy, Aroma’Tips offers hands-on workshops, advice and recipes to put nature and plants back at the centre of your life. This applies to the fields of well-being, but also health, beauty and home care.

Aroma’Tips is first and foremost the result of a true passion for a simpler, more natural and more autonomous life, passion that we hope you’ll catch too, through our trainings but also our blog (mostly in French), in which we share tips and recipes.

We offer workshops and guided walks around 4 main topics – English classes are on-demand only, and can take place with minimum 5 participants.

Aromatherapy for beginners and more advanced users

10 raisons pour choisir l'aromathérapieLearn how to use essential oils, hydrosols and vegetable oils to take care of yourself and your family. Become autonomous in the safe use of these products, and discover how to create your own care products depending on the desired effect.

  • Aromatherapy for beginners (3h)
  • Get ready for winter with essential oils (2h)
  • Essential oils for travel (2h)
  • Take care of your skin with essential oils (2h)

All our workshops combine theory and practice: you will always leave with something you prepared yourself! We also make homemade and organic fruit juice and cakes for our participants.

Wild edible & medicinal plants (foraging)

Panier de plantes sauvages comestiblesYou encounter wild plants daily, probably without knowing their are not only edible, but also tasty and nutritious! Learn how to recognize, pick and cook the wild edible plants growing in Brussels and Belgium. We also give you tips on how to use wild medicinal plants and how to pick and preserve them.

  • Spring symphony (3h)
  • Here comes summer: forgotten edibles (3h)
  • Wild plants and herbal teas (2h)
  • Spring and autumn medicinal plants(2h)
  • The virtue of trees (2h)

All our workshops combine picking, tasting and hiking, and are open to both adults and children, for a family discovery.

Homemade natural beauty and home care products

savons fait maisonOn demand, we also offer workshops to learn how to create your own products to take care of

  • you:  body and face creams and oils, shower gel, toothpaste, deo, cold-process soap, etc.
  • and your home: washing powder, softener, dishwashing powder, window cleaning product, etc.

We only use natural and environmentally-friendly products which also come at an unbeatable price. You won’t just save the planet, you’ll actually save money too!

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